A couple of examples of the homes I have decorated around the world with various budgets and tastes. 


The general tone was: local and global. Getting local objects with a history and pair them with travel inspiration. 

Furniture pieces were custom made in Paris, or refurbished locally -- the secretary --, and, you may have recognized a few Ikea pieces. The wall bookcase was made to measure.

Accent pieces are from all over the world: living room ceiling lamp from Morocco; hall mirror from Indonesia; wooden vases from Thailand; glass details from Italy, artwork from local Parisian artists but also from the Philippines and Switzerland; small decorative objects from Madagascar. 




The goal for this studio was to capture the essence of Berlin, with a minimalist and practical approach while avoiding the "coldness" cliché of minimalism.   
Furniture pieces were sought at the various local flea markets where period items can easily be found. They only need very little refurbishing.  The armchairs, for instance -- easily recognizable. 

The mirror was bought in a Parisian flea market and a couple of accent pieces were brought from Thailand (candle holders and the Buddha statuette) and Morocco (another candle holder). The omnipresence of wood conveys the undertone of warmth in an otherwise very minimal space. A few Ikea pieces have also been blended into the mix.


Oh -- If you like it, this apartment is available for SHORT-TERM rentALS.

Miami Beach - European Minimalism, Beach side

An apartment drenched in sunlight, with a Danish tone, from period furniture to the soft white, beige and grey tones.  

The omnipresence of raw or lightly tainted wood highlights the natural/organic aspect, while both reinforcing the Danish theme and conveying the deliciously misleading feeling of a beach house. 

Touches of green and nature punctuate the rythm with freshness: the greenery of the trees outside, visible from the French windows; the neatly arranged hortensias in white and green; and the orchid plant. 

The owner of this beautiful place is a world traveler, as one can guess from a few hints here and there. 


Quirky glimpses...